Construction Claims & Disputes

Rational Move offers a highly-specialized team of forensic construction experts to serve you in all aspects of construction management, construction claims, construction accidents and construction dispute resolution.

We, Rational Move assists clients with preparing and analyzing construction claims. Owners and contractors who realize the potential for construction disputes and conflicts rely on the firm’s construction claims consultants who are experienced construction managers and engineers.

The firm’s construction claims consultants possess unique skill sets that enable us to prepare and analyze claim issues promoting timely resolution. Clients depend on our specialized knowledge and expertise of construction claims to efficiently and cost effectively produce persuasive position statements for favorable and informed settlements.

Our team of construction experts can assist with numerous construction claims including the following:

  • Construction Delay Claims
  • Labor Productivity Claims
  • Design and Construction Defect Claims
  • Force Majeure Claims
  • Acceleration Claims
  • Suspension and Termination Claims
  • Differing Site Conditions Claims
  • Change Claims